Find Your Why

Find your why. “Why is this important?” – If you are asking that you need it more than anyone else.

When you find yourself complaining, wanting, fearing, crying… ask yourself “why?” Keep asking yourself that question until you cannot ask it again. When you hit the final answer you know. You feel it in your gut. When you feel it, there is nowhere else to go, no excuses, just you and the raw truth.  

As people we try to shield ourselves and others from the truth. “Oh man these pants must have shrunk in the dryer…” Right? I know I am not the only one who has every told myself that.

When we get down to our final why… “Because I am scared that I will never be good enough…” “Because I don’t know what to do if I fail?…” “Because…..” There are so many reasons. So many whys. But the real whys, are really big and have a really big light to stand under. Don’t be afraid, stand under the light.

Expose the why we want to hide underneath so we can tackle our tasks more head-on, more focused. Now you will know exactly what you are going for and WHY. This is a powerful combination. Then don’t sit there in your comfy chair knowing the what and why, get up and do something with it.

Let this motivate you every day, every night. Let this push your forward. Let this keep you on your path. Re-evaluate and then keep moving again. What do you want? Why? Why? Why?

What is going wrong in your life? Why? Why? Why? Find the base you know has no shadows to hide in. Stand in the light, learn, and move forward.

Look to yourself in order to change your life. It is your life after all. Find your why; fix your main problems. Find your why; move yourself forward. Find your why; find your power.