You + Diet = Biochemical Shock

Are you putting your body in a state of biochemical shock? Dieting improperly without the correct amount of time, consideration and supervision can put your body in what is known as biochemical shock. Biochemical shock occurs when your body is in an imbalanced state. 

Biochemical shock can cause the adrenal glands to produce an abundance of cortisol, the stress hormone. Cortisol can cause you to be addicted to things like carbs, sugar, soda, chocolate, cake, ice cream. (Who is hungry?) A cortisol overload leads to Leptin no longer being produced. Leptin is produced by your adipose tissue, or fat. Leptin allows the body to control appetite and helps the body decide where to use all the energy (calories) you are consuming. According to the “Annual Review of Physiology,” Leptin binds with receptors in the brain triggering a reduction in appetite. Now that we know Leptin controls appetite, an abundance of cortisol would not be helpful for weight loss.

Every cell in our bodies communicates with one another. We are a marvel of electrical circuits, intricate plumbing and an input output system we don’t need to discuss in too much detail. There are so many things going on in our bodies at one time. So when your body is in a state of biochemical shock there is an imbalance. There is an inability to communicate. The operating systems in our bodies need to properly communicate in order to balance each other out and work effectively.

Most people know about the digestive system and the immune system but, there are several systems in our body that most don’t even know about: pH regulatory system, endocrine system, lymphatic system, muscular system, nervous system, reproductive system, respiratory system, skeletal system, elimination system. 

The pH system is one of the most important. Think of a swimming pool. If you have the pool too acidic or too alkaline the pool becomes dirty, contaminated, and algae grows everywhere. The pH system is the pool regulator of our bodies. It keeps the acidity level and alkaline levels in check. Lactic acid and muscle tissue fibrosis – that is thanks to the pH regulatory system. In an acidic environment muscles cannot effectively build, water retention cannot be controlled, drugs are not as effective, normal sleep patterns are difficult to maintain, stress is amplified, your memory is lessened, you lose flexibility, bowel movements are effected, vision is affected, and viruses and diseases are more likely to be running wild.  In an alkaline state the body will remain healthy and vibrant. 

Our systems all work together to achieve a common goal: keep us healthy and alive. I would say the ability for our systems to properly communicate is vital to our health. To avoid biochemical shock, make lifestyle changes and avoid diets. Make the choice to be a better healthier you and commit to it. We have our bodies and our health this entire life, let’s keep them going at an optimum level for the most fulfilling life we can have. Memories come from life-ing not DIEting. 

Photo by Jay Ma on Unsplash